N80 bull bars on N70 lux

Bull bars, sliders, wheel carriers etc!

N80 bull bars on N70 lux

Postby lucky0007 on Mon, 27 May 2024 7:32 +0000

Hey so im fairly new to all exterior mods and what not. Just bought myself a second hand N70 2009 SR5 and im looking around at bullbars/muzzbars all current N70 bars look outdated and chunky. Was wondering if anyone knows if you can fit N80 bullbars onto a N70 hilux or if there are any issues with this. Thanks.

Reference to what I mean

N80 bullbar: https://ppdperformance.com.au/cdn/shop/ ... 1699337309
Looks very modern and "stylish"

N70: https://ppdperformance.com.au/cdn/shop/ ... 1597289382
Looks outdated and chunky/big
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Re: N80 bull bars on N70 lux

Postby Rob_Wood on Tue, 28 May 2024 7:04 +0000

Looks can be decieving, although I'm often wrong, I kinda believe that bullbars are model specific because they are tested to ensure they work properly with airbags and other vehicle safety features.
If you're looking for something a bit smoother (and less chunky) then shop around the myriad of different brands available on the market. If you look only for shape, then a paint job will take care of the rest.
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