Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

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Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby Ingradam on Sun, 04 Apr 2021 8:37 +0000

Good evening,

I had a rhino rack pioneer flat platform with the track and back bone system installed earlier this year to a 2014 dual cab hilux.

Looks great, but the wind noise is unbearable even at 50km. Dose anyone have any tips with reducing wind noise, apart from removing it lol.

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Re: Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby Rob_Wood on Mon, 05 Apr 2021 12:41 +0000

As kids we'd stick bits of card board to "flap" on the spokes of our push bikes. It was a noise that annoyed the piss out of adults. Maybe wrap your racks in a tarp and have a small pocket of the tarp flap in the wind. It'd be so annoying that you might forget about the annoyance of the other noises?

In all seriousness though, all I can suggest is to double and triple check that there isn't a part, component or screw in your system that is loose and maybe causing more noise than it should. The other option is to check with your retailer ... or even go straight to "Rhino" and ask if it's a known problem.
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Re: Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby 1tuff4b on Mon, 05 Apr 2021 1:06 +0000

There is some wind noise from the backbone system itself, found this also on my Prado, but nothing like the noise that comes from the peice of s$&@ racks you get from Kings that I’m currently about to throw down the tip.

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Re: Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby Ingradam on Tue, 06 Apr 2021 2:48 +0000

I’ve tried rhino rack themselves. They asked for photos so they could determine which items were installed and if it was installed correctly. I’ve emailed the photos as requested and several follow up emails but seems as if there not interested in assisting any further.

The wind noise of the rhino rack is unbearable, I definitely could not recommend there products especially with there lack of after sales assistance. I may sell the rack and look at alternative options.

I was hoping someone had a solution :)
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Re: Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby dave g on Tue, 06 Apr 2021 6:46 +0000

Try putting tape over the holes in the back bone.
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Re: Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby andries laubscher on Wed, 07 Apr 2021 9:58 +0000

Sometimes the noise is caused by airflow over the smooth surface. This can be prevented by disrupting the airflow, by winding something rope like around the structure.

Not sure if this applies to your problem

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Re: Rhino rack wind noise!!!!

Postby martynvella on Thu, 08 Apr 2021 4:51 +0000

Most racks create some noise. Ive got rola racks and wind noise was the first thing we noticed, and they are the most aerodynamic bars i have seen. First trip we did we learned you have to be very creative on how to stop the straps roaring above 40 kph.
Thought about putting insulation behind the headlining mut got used to the noise.
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