Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Postby Tausen on Tue, 15 Sep 2020 4:59 +0000

Hello all. I'm Evan, I live in North Bergen.
I'm the owner of 1994 Hilux Surf, using it for fishing.
Sorry for off topic in the introduction thread, but I can't thematic thread, so this is my question.

I have a pretty frequent lower back pain, made worse by being 300 pounds. Yet I refuse to stop golfing. I do think getting a backpack as opposed to my current fade tourney bag with backstraps will help, but I only want to make this purchase once, so I'm trying to get as much info as I can first.

I'm leaning towards the Grip A14, or the new B15 when it comes out in a month. (If I can wait that long) I just got a stool, hoping it will help to sit down when I can, so hopefully the bag can accommodate that.

Does anyone know if certain backpacks are better for lower back pain than others? Any tips or tricks while on a course that can help with this at all?

Thanks very much for your help!
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