Electrical issues affecting everything.

Electrical issues affecting everything.

Postby swags on Sat, 07 Sep 2019 7:28 +0000

Good evening gents.

Have been fault finding all day with no success.

I have a 2008 3lt diesel dual cab SR. My issue is that I have not got 12volt power to anything.
I have replaced the battery and striped all aftermarket wiring for the 2nd battery under the hood and 3rd battery in the canopy. So the only wiring is stock, I’ve done this because I want to redo everything from scratch. I’m waiting on a new alternator to arrive, currently there is no alternator installed. But even before removing the old alt I still had these problems as followed....

-car will not start
-lights, radio, ac, cig, horn. All dead
-radio with turn off intermittently normally when indicating. (When it was running)

Battery terminals are tight, reading 12.6volts
All earths checked and tight, multimeter confirms this.
Main fuse and all other fuses are good all checked.

What’s confusing me is when I used the multimeter and check dc volts from neg terminal to the cab bare metal it reads 1 volt, is this normal with hiluxs.
The dash gets a small amount of power to show normal icons before a start but when you turn the key they turn off.
There isn’t even enough power to have the hazards run but you can hear the relay clicking.
The lights do not turn on, however the rear license plate light won’t turn off and burns very dull.

My guess is a rubbed wire shorting but I can find anything.

Any advice would be appreciated.

And another question. can you use 12 volt with no alt attached. For lights and radio or is the alternator required for any 12volt applications.
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Re: Electrical issues affecting everything.

Postby grunf on Sat, 07 Sep 2019 7:51 +0000

wrong section mate
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Re: Electrical issues affecting everything.

Postby martynvella on Sun, 08 Sep 2019 4:36 +0000

The mods will fix the section.
No you dont need the alt in place without the engine running but it its power wire touches gnd it will blow the main alt fuse and this will shut down power to many things. Check all the main fuses in the big plastic housing in the engine bay fuse box.
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Re: Electrical issues affecting everything.

Postby hiluxxury on Sun, 08 Sep 2019 6:07 +0000

Thanks martynvella and grunf
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