SPC adjustable UCAs

SPC adjustable UCAs

Postby ggreenie on Sat, 11 May 2019 12:59 +0000

So I’m getting my suspension sorted in the near future, and I’m struggling to decide on a UCA. Only going to about 2” or so in the front.

The place installing my suspension are pretty insistent that SPC adjustable UCAs are the way to go. I’m fairly dubious that the sliding/friction adjustments at the ballpoint will maintain their adjustments when subjected to long distance abuse, such is commonplace in the NT.

For those reasons I’d prefer to go with a fixed UCA such as Blackhawks. The bloke at the shop reckons they’re hard to adjust to the correct caster, I haven’t managed to get any more detail out of him yet, but my suspicion is that they struggle to clear the guards at the back of the tyre. Seeing as I’ve already taken a grinder to the guards and I’m happy to cut more, that wouldn’t be a factor.

Is there another reason Blackhawks (or another fixed UCA) won’t allow good alignment? Aren’t they supposed to be for lifts, preset at perfect levels of caster and camber?

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Re: SPC adjustable UCAs

Postby hiluxxury on Sat, 11 May 2019 4:45 +0000

So do you have the suspension installed yet? I'd wait until it's installed and then see if you need UCAs as most vehicles with a 2in lift don't need them.
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Re: SPC adjustable UCAs

Postby TOYZX on Sat, 11 May 2019 7:01 +0000

X2 shouldn't need them with a 2in lift. If ya go bigger and ya can't get the alignment right them put them in.

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