Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Display

Postby scottellis88 on Thu, 14 Mar 2019 7:55 +0000

Hi all,
Has anyone ever found out how to override the touch screen display to have your own input on show but whilst in the background having radio or Bluetooth still playing?
I was able to do this with my old Land Rover Discovery 3 which had a device which interrupted the video signal to send your own input to the touch screen.

I would like to utilise the ODB2 reader on a spare phone i have to show the gauges on the screen whilst still being able to listen to the radio etc. and not just through the aux input...

Just a bit of wank factor i know but thought it may be a cool little project, especially if you could utilise phone mirroring for things such as apple/google maps etc. My Toyota Satnav system has let me down on routes a fair bit, once sending me in circles around Hervy Bay, turn left, turn left, turn left, turn left :evil:
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Re: Touch Screen Display

Postby Terror on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 8:47 +0000

Ive heard of someone doing a mod that uses the reverse camera input to bring up video on the screen. Audio should still play too.

Probably need a switch that activates the reverse cam trigger wire and connect the reverse cam video wire to your devices output.

No idea where I saw this.

I would think it would be less hassle to get an aftermarket headunit that can do what you want. I think some android units have apps you could download and launch to do exactly what you want to do.
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