HELP rear brake re-install problem

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HELP rear brake re-install problem

Postby hartster on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 6:47 +0000

Feel free to roast me if this is a stupid question.
Have just installed new brake shoes in the rear, no problems until the very end.
The lower shoe tension spring is putting too much tension on the bottom of the shoes, so the shoes are pivoting out at the tops, away from the cylinder pistons, and I cannot fit the drum over the new shoes. If I back off the adjuster on the strut set so that it is approaching minimum length, the strut/adjuster components start flapping around as there is no pressure on it.

I have pushed fluid out of the brake cylinder and can push the pistons in no problem, but when I present the drum there's no way I can overcome the tension of the lower shoe tension spring.

What an I doing wrong?! Am on my own which doesn't help, extra pair of hand would be good. Need to get tgis re-assembled pronto.

Helpful suggestions much appreciated!

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Re: HELP rear brake re-install problem

Postby hiluxxury on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 11:51 +0000

Silly question I'm sure but good to start with the obvious - is the handbrake released?

I always take photos during disassembly so I have something to refer to. Perhaps do an image search to check you have the springs in the correct holes etc. The old liners will have marks from the old spring positions if you can't find good pics.
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