2001 model HELP! Love my Hilux but gearbox issues

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2001 model HELP! Love my Hilux but gearbox issues

Postby julie m on Sun, 13 Aug 2017 9:27 +0000

I have an October 2001 model dual cab 3 litre turbo diesel manual Hilux with 350,000 on the clock. I bought it new and it has had regular servicing. Two years ago it needed a new clutch - other than that it's been perfect with just the usual maintenance stuff. It's been used as a road car and towing horse floats and horse feed etc, hardly any off road. Two weeks ago I got onto the highway and it was just running badly - kind of a shuddering feeling. I turned back home, called the mechanic. He drove it - nothing wrong. A few days later I filled up with diesel and when I started up to move away from the bowser - couldn't engage any gears. Stuck in neutral and nothing. I waited a minute or two, tried again, got it in reverse, got away from the bowser and drove off... and then when I stopped, turned the engine off, and retried, same thing. Would not engage any gears. Waited five minutes.... it worked again so I drove to the mechanic. He has replaced the gearbox AND the clutch and yesterday I got my Hilux back. I was towing the horse float and thought it was shuddering again but thought I was imagining it. My husband said the ute was running fine but to me it felt 'sticky' in the gears... I even put the seat right forward in case it was how I was engaging the gears (after 16 years of driving it I didn't think so but hey, worth a try). And then today, with the new gearbox and clutch - exact same problem. Won't engage out of neutral when the engine is started. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love my ute even though it's pretty old and want to keep it on the road! Sorry for such a hugely long post!
julie m
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Re: 2001 model HELP! Love my Hilux but gearbox issues

Postby Ozwaz on Sun, 13 Aug 2017 1:31 +0000

Sounds like a burnt/polished flywheel and the clutch is slipping, cools down and works again,just.
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