V8 turbo diesel for a '95 Hilux

V8 turbo diesel for a '95 Hilux

Postby Ruddycrazy on Sat, 18 Jul 2020 1:43 +0000

G'day Guy's,
About 20 years ago when I was up in north west Australia we converted Landcruisers to a 6.2 turbo diesel and it made for one torquey engine and on par with fuel aswell.

Now has any member converted a '95 Hilux ute before as I reckon it would be a top upgrade to do rather than do a simple turbo conversion.

Some may as why bother but the whole point this model is unbreakable and will live on for decades more.

Any info on this topic will be great or is it a dead in the water idea.

Cheers Bryan
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Re: V8 turbo diesel for a '95 Hilux

Postby taresk on Sat, 18 Jul 2020 2:01 +0000

Haven't done it myself, but did meet a couple years back at a 4wd council meeting that had converted their LN106 Hilux, there was quite a lot of work involved to fit the engine, they had modified the firewall, guards and radiator support, the ute sounded like a freight train, especially with the big electric fans running (not enough room for an engine driven fan).
Unfortunately I don't have their current contact details, so can't ask for any more information.
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