> L52 swap for an L45 in 82 Hilux 4wd diesel with 2 piece be

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> L52 swap for an L45 in 82 Hilux 4wd diesel with 2 piece be

Postby geoffraynak on Fri, 26 Apr 2019 3:26 +0000

Greetings Everyone
VERY new guy here (all the way from the States) looking to get some questions answered.
Generally competent with the internet ... but I feel mostly incompetent with this oddball (to the US) truck:
so looking for some help:

We have an '82 HiLux 4WD Diesel that was imported to the US from Australia...
The owner was going to use it as his in-town Bay Area daily beast ... but the motor completely blew about a week after the car was imported.
We are now resurrecting the truck as an electric conversion... and want to look into a 5-speed for versatility and range benefits.

Here are truck details:
VIN plate says:
Model: LN 46R-KRPQ
Engine: L
Trans/ Axle: L45 G142
Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WHxBPFnDTric1uZ18

I'm able to decipher all these codes pretty well ...
and know that it had a 2.2L diesel ... and 4.875 rear end.
mated to the L45 transmission
we are confident that we have an RF1A transfer case (for what that's worth)

But here is my question:

there is a thread here:
[/url]that says the L52 will be a 1:1 swap for the L45
we are hoping to not need to fab new cross members or move the linkage holes in the tunnel ...

and this page seems to indicate that the two transmission are the same length (20.875)

But I'm trying to confirm that it will be the same 1:1 for the two-piece bellhousing?!
If yes ... the plan would be to get the 'HD' version of the L52 ...
the electric motor will output about 130HP and 170 ft-lb of torque

thanks in advance, everyone!

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