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Fitting factory towbar 2008 cab chassis

PostPosted: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 1:47 +0000
by Tip Turkey
Hi all newbie here with first question. We have a 2008 Hilux cab/ch fitted with motorhome body. I’ve done a forum search but could not locate anything on my specific problem only wiring harness stuff mainly. I have a factory heavy duty towbar (2500kg) purchased from local dismantles a while back and I’m trying to fit it. It comes with a main large bolt at the rear that has one very large black washer to cover the prepunched large bean hole in the chassis rail, plus a large thick anti crush spacer for inside the square chassis rail. Then a nut and spring washer to hold the lot. This is the main load point and then there are two smaller bolts that go into predrilled holes to locate the bar horizontally. There is also a smaller black washer that came on the main bolt.

I have put the anticrush spacer inside the chassis but it seems too loose. I’m certain that tightening the main bolts will crush the chassis rail. So I’m assuming the smaller washer is also an additional spacer meant to pack inside the rail with the large cylindrical spacer. Originally I though the smaller washer was simply to go on the outside of the bar bracket.

Even if nobody has fitted a factory tb before I was wondering if anyone has one fitted if they could look down the chassis rail end and see if there is a black washer as well as a cylindrical anticrush spacer in there as well. It will be a pain to get it in there but it looks like that’s where it needs to go . Thanks for any help. I’ll try adding pictures when I register with imgur

Re: Fitting factory towbar 2008 cab chassis

PostPosted: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 2:19 +0000
You say the spacer is too small, how much room does it have? A couple of mm is fine, ya not gunna damage anything by tightening it up.

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Re: Fitting factory towbar 2008 cab chassis

PostPosted: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 7:34 +0000
by Tip Turkey
Thanks TOYZX. yes it’s only a thick washer thickness just seemed as though it needed extra. Can’t get any fitting instructions or exploded diagrams for my particular model.

Re: Fitting factory towbar 2008 cab chassis

PostPosted: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 9:05 +0000
by Gipsy
I'd suggest if you are worried and the washer fits easily just slip it in. Couldn't do any harm as I see it and it will prevent squeezing the chassis.