Arb canopy installation instructions

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Arb canopy installation instructions

Postby Ingradam on Mon, 11 Jan 2021 8:52 +0000

Hi team,

I’ve done a few searches as recommended and can’t find an answer. I’m wondering if anyone has installed a ARB canopy from a SR5 to a SR tub?

I was also hoping, if anyone would have the installation instructions for the ARB classic canopy
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Re: Arb canopy installation instructions

Postby Myralga on Tue, 12 Jan 2021 8:23 +0000

Simplest thing to do is ask politely at an ARB store if they could send you the instructions.

Most teams are nice and will be happy to help out.

But it may be pointless because

As for SR5 to an SR (05-15) your talking two different style tubs. (SR5 is an “A deck” SR is a “J deck”) the tubs are slightly differently built different widths etc so all the mountings and brackets are slightly different.
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