Oil Leak in KUN26 D4D

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Oil Leak in KUN26 D4D

Postby sosilboy on Fri, 17 Dec 2021 1:10 +0000

Hi guys. Brand new member. Looking for some help/advice. I've got oil leaking from what looks like the passenger engine mount. I notice there is a plug if sorts underneath it, is this a common problem? Has anyone seen something similar?

Just wondering the costs involved, looks pretty hard to get to. [Img]https://imghostr.net/image/fvCqm[\img]
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Re: Oil Leak in KUN26 D4D

Postby Gipsy on Sat, 18 Dec 2021 4:45 +0000

You sure it's not oil that has spilled from the oil filter last time it was changed? Not much down there that will leak oil. Who changed the oil and filter last? It's easy to let some oil spill from the filter if insufficient care is taken. There's a drain tube under the filter but it goes nowhere and if oil leaks from the filter it runs down all over the area below.
By the way, kun26 is gen 7 and not in this section of newhilux. What year model is your Hilux?
Cheers Gipsy :D
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