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mk5 Hilux 2KD - (Injector?) Rattle?

PostPosted: Wed, 15 May 2019 2:43 +0000
by Jake123
Hey guys,

Bit of advice if you could.

I have a 2005 hilux, 2.5 d4d 2KD.
Under light throttle, just about maintaining speed it rattles really quite loudly.
The noise goes like a switch if you accelerate or let off.

Worse in colder weather and in warmer weather the noise quietens down a LOT.

Ive had a new fuel filter, new suction control valve and run some injector cleaner through.
Injector feedback values all good, well withing +/-3.
Done a reset and initialization of the EFI, Nothing made any change...

Its driving me mad!

I read a lot about a 'normal' EGR or Injector rattle but this seems very loud.
You can hear it over the radio but its only at that certain throttle position and a light engine load, starts/drives/stops fine otherwise.

Any suggestions?
Surely they havent all done this since new...

Re: mk5 Hilux 2KD - (Injector?) Rattle?

PostPosted: Wed, 15 May 2019 5:21 +0000
by DeadlyBeast
Hi Jake
Limited info on the 2kd here however you can type the below into a search engine or the search here box top left of screen: Cold rattle

It's normal on the 1kd

You could try cleaning the MAF and MAP if the old 2kd have them?

Probably can't do a pilot learn on a 2005

Some say if it's still rattling after new injectors and SCV then it's the swirl control

Can try adding 2 stroke oil in the fuel - there's a thread on that. I tried it - didn't make much difference

Re: mk5 Hilux 2KD - (Injector?) Rattle?

PostPosted: Wed, 15 May 2019 10:23 +0000
by Jake123
Thanks for the reply.

From videos it sounds similair ish to the 1kd engines that exhibit the light machine gun type rattle!
But as mentioned only at that one specific throttle position.

2kd doesn't have swirl control valves and still makes the noise so although I've read that in a few places I don't buy i...

I'll try a MAF clean.

It is slightly louder when cold but certainly does not go once warm.