More grunt required

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More grunt required

Postby batesy145 on Fri, 22 Jun 2018 9:35 +0000

Hi all,

I have a 2013 SR 4x4 diesel hilux with D4D motor and do quite a bit of towing and highway driving. I'm after a bit more torque so looking to make a few modifications. I should also note that I'm not after a race truck and I don't want a loud exhaust system. Good fuel economy and reliability is more important to me than having big horsepower. Just a mild gain would be great and don't want spend big dollars.

I'm thinking slight exhaust mods and chip?

Any suggestions on brands and configurations?

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Re: More grunt required

Postby davo94 on Fri, 22 Jun 2018 2:50 +0000

The standard exhaust is good for just over 200rwhp,


Piggy back ECU's (unichip, HKS, ECU shop) are the best way if planning future turbo or fuel system upgrades.

A ECU remap from a trusted tuner (not slave) should see good results ans should cost $1200-1500

EGT gauge is a must.

If manual you will need a clutch, Auto will need a cooler.
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More grunt required

Postby Scoobalimalima on Fri, 22 Jun 2018 7:39 +0000

I went the Dyno tune/ECU flash and 3” exhaust and could not be happier. Paid about $1500 for the tune and about $900 for the exhaust if I remember correctly.

Gone from approx 330Nm to just shy of 500. Pulls like a freight train now and as far as fuel economy is concerned it’s even better now than before the tune. The exhaust is also no louder than stock.

I did have to upgrade the clutch though as previously stated, the stock one just could not handle the extra torque. You can’t beat an NPC clutch as an upgrade in my opinion, rock solid yet still as smooth as my old stock unit, cost about $1500 plus $550 fitted.

I drive D4D’s every day at work and after recently having 5 weeks off driving mine, coming back to work the other day and jumping in a work ute I honestly thought I had left the hand brake on at first, they are just so underpowered and detuned in stock form it’s crazy!


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Re: More grunt required

Postby AC1981 on Sun, 09 Jan 2022 5:16 +0000

What kind of fuel economy are you getting now after tune?
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Re: More grunt required

Postby Gipsy on Mon, 10 Jan 2022 5:39 +0000

Bear in mind here the original post and the entire thread is gen 3-6 so unless it's posted in the wrong thread all the info is not really useful. I notice that the OP has a gen7 2013 so the above does apply.

A good exhaust will give decent results and get the heat out of the engine better. If we are talking gen7 then an ECU retune combined with a good exhaust makes a really big difference! Well worth the $1500-2000 to get great increase in power/torque. Start with the exhaust and you may be happy, add the tune and you'll really smile!

Fuel economy is also a bonus if you drive it carefully. I get 7.3lts per 100km and 13 towing 2.5tonne. :D
Cheers Gipsy :D
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