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Turbo... Issue

Postby andrewg1996 on Wed, 04 Apr 2018 2:18 +0000

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who could give me advice on my current Hilux problem: I have a 1993 3L Diesel Hilux, with a turbo added. As I was driving I heard a knock, followed by a loud ghostly noise that changed it’s pitch along with the sound of the turbo. Upon inspection from a mechanic, he showed me the turbo’s impeller was quite badly smashed up, as if a rock or nut had gone through it.

The first and more preferable option (if it didn’t cost so much), would be to take it to a mechanic and have them fix it. I would tie this trip in with a replacement of the head gasket.

Secondly, the turbo- although retro-fitted- is stamped with a Toyota logo, so I assume it is off a surf or similar. Does anyone have any advice on swapping it or the impeller for a second hand one?

And the final option is I find a stock intake manifold and return the motor to normal aspiration. Can anyone give me experience regarding top cruising speed, economy, and torque on normally aspirated 3L diesels? I spoke to someone who said his cruises at 105kmh easily, whereas mine doesn’t really like going above 95kmh.

Thanks everyone for your help.
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Re: Turbo... Issue

Postby 1995ln107r on Thu, 28 Apr 2022 8:54 +0000

best thing you can do is replace the turbo with a ct20 from a 2.4l turbo surf, or you could replace it with a small garret turbo if your willing to spend the money, this is the better option.
I have recently installed a ct20 turbo kit to my 3l and the improvements are unbelievable, where it used to gain quite a bit of heat when cruising at 110 it now cruises happily at 120 and the temps stay in a comfortable place due to the ct20 being oil and water cooled.
there is also a significant improvement in fuel efficiency with the turbo, my 3l used to barely get 300km to a tank where it now gets excess of 500- 600 km when highway cruising, as well as this the engine is noticeably quieter due to the fact that it is no longer struggling to push the amount of weight I have loaded on the back of it.

In short I think it would be silly to return the engine to naturally aspirated, you should spend the money and replace the unit with a small reliable garret turbo and the improvements should be significant.
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Re: Turbo... Issue

Postby Mudgee mud on Wed, 22 Jun 2022 9:23 +0000

How did you go? Your current fitted manifold may well of been swapped from the donor motor that originally had the turbo off the 2.4 surf. Ct 12 and ct20 are the most common retrofits. Some were water cooled. Excessive blow by with this fitment is there biggest down fall. That pushes oil past the oil slinger and oil ends up in your pipe to the manifold. And air cooler if fitted. This is not really a sign of a bad turbo . Best way to check for blow by is taking the oil cap off, after market turbochargers often have different connections for piping as well. Prepare for that small cost to adapt.
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