Ln106r tensioner bolt sheared timing belt - mechanics error?

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Ln106r tensioner bolt sheared timing belt - mechanics error?

Postby Stash assassin on Sun, 17 Sep 2017 11:49 +0000

Hi all,

Thanks for having me here. Unfortunately just had my motor go on my formerly sweet hilux. I'm devastated as I just spent 3.5k getting it ready for a stint in the NT.

Can anyone help clarify from a mechanic's perspective whether the tensioner bolt on my 93 LN106r Hilux may have been tampered with by the mechanic who replaced the water pump recently...?

My timing belt was replaced 2 years and under 20k kms ago by an old mechanic, I have had no issues.

500kms / one week ago another mechanic repaired the water pump, then afterwards while I was driving a bolt came out and sheared the timing belt out 15 notches at 2800 revs and my motor is seized.

I am under the impression that the bolt that came out was not essential to the pump repair, but in the immediate vicinity, and the new (Racq) mechanic who assessed the cause of the failure said 'it would have made his job easier to have taken it out to do the pump repair'.

The original pump repairer mechanic denies touching the bolt.

Please can you clarify whether I can hold the mechanic to account for the catastrophic damage, and whether he may have loosened the bolt for the repair.

Thank you
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