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Re: Fitting Turbo to 2.8 (3L) HiLux

Postby Truss141 on Fri, 04 Feb 2022 12:41 +0000

Hey guys, I recently bought a 91 single cab ln106, the previous owner has done a very similar turbo setup including what looks at be a ebay CT20 and and 2.4 EFI intakes pipes, exhaust manifold, 2 1/2 inch exhaust all the way to the tray (not sure is exhaust is from a 2.4EFI.

The issue, I'm running saas EGT gauge connected to the dump off of turbo and boost gauge. Around town the she pushes about 7 psi and pushing the right pedal flat peaks at 10 (weather or not there is a psi drop from the thin pressure line from turbo to gauge idk), my main issue the egt's, I have read lots about the egt drop between manifold and turbo and that it is recommend that 550 degress is the safe max at manifold, however my car quickly reaches 400 at the dump when trying to accelerate over 80kph on flat or anypeed going UP HILL. I know the old 2.8 is slow but I'm not sure if 76kph up hills on THE highway is normal. Today i recently went from warn down 31inch a/t hankooks to 32inch m/t conforsers, now no longer being able to go over 80km on flat roads with getting high egt's (used to be able to reach 100 really slow). if someone could tell me if this is normal and/or suggest mods.
I am on a budget and currently don't know how to weld, I have considered going to a short 3inch straight though to the back of the cab, and inter-cooling (I don't really know if inter-cooling helps also don't really wanna chop a scoop into the bonnet). would increasing the size of the intake pipes help anything?

Lots of question ik but this is my daily and I don't think this performance is normal (would like to do speed limits), if this is normal I'm fine living in the slow lane.
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