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Brake plates broken

PostPosted: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 10:45 +0000
by Gardner
Hi All

So I’ve been told both of my front brake plates are broken on my 2016, SR dual cab, 2.8lt hilux, effecting my brakes obviously.

Had a service, everything all good, then we all went to COVID lockdown, so no extreme off roading done at all between this service and the following. When I had the service done after lockdown, I was told they were both broken. Service guys at Toyota say it would of / could only happen if it experienced a real hard track etc off road……

Interesting, when it hadn’t been off road in between services…

Has anyone else had issues?

Re: Brake plates broken

PostPosted: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 1:36 +0000
by Myralga
If your talking about the shields behind the brake disc I did both of mine on my red Centre trip.

Chances are it was missed on the previous service and you have a more observant tech this time.

I did strezleki and oonadatta tracks which were very rough when I did them. Testament to the ARB BP-51s we have on the ute I was driving the rental getting my teeth rattled out while my missus drove our ute (2017 DC) and she didn’t notice how rough it was. So suspension was working ot.

Mine were replaced under warranty but I bullied a little as your the only other one I have heard of it happening to.

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