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Window weather seal clip?

PostPosted: Sat, 23 May 2020 9:08 +0000
by Crepsley
Hi there, i want to remove the weather seal (the Belt Mould?) at the bottom of the windows on my 2005 SR Hilux i just got, as they are rusting and flaking and want to repaint. But I've broken the clip that holds it all in place, anyone know where to get there? i've search but cant find anything on it, not even a picture. Thank you!

Also anyone repainted there? what colour did you use to best match the rest, a matte black? or just regular black?


Re: Window weather seal clip?

PostPosted: Sat, 23 May 2020 10:20 +0000
by gen7xtracab
I think you are after the clip that covers the join between the lower molding and the corner, yeah?
This clip is part of the WEATHERSTRIP ASSEMBLY.

If I search my car, I find this:

This part shown is for a front door, because I have an extracab, and I think you have a dual cab(?). So you need to search your VIN to find your particular correct part number. I use:
Then only 1 car should come up, yours. Click that link, then go to the search box upper right, and enter: WEATHERSTRIP ASSY. A list should come up, showing the bits you need.

It looks like you can buy all 4 assy's as a kit on ebay..


Re: Window weather seal clip?

PostPosted: Sat, 23 May 2020 1:24 +0000
by Crepsley
yes correct, the clip that covers the join, and yes the duelcab one.
Thank you for that website that will come in handy a lot!
So from my understanding, from that and some photos I've had a closer look at that tiny clip im after is actually attached to that belt mold?
Appreciate the help, maybe ill have to replace the whole lower strip.

some photos of the part, you can see the tiny "clip" im after.