Handbrake Troubles

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Handbrake Troubles

Postby jiggins on Sun, 24 Aug 2008 9:01 +0000

Got a little brother learning how to drive. Using the handbrake to do his hill starts noticed the handbrake was lifting a little further but took no notice really till it was almost at 90 degrees and still not really holding the truck. Must admit i did try and drive with it on a couple of times. Adjusted it at the handbrake at the leaver was great again for a few week. Went out on saturday and tried to drive with it on twice in the one day BUGGER. I would have moved no more then 6in each time but now it starting to pull up a lot higher again. Why is it doing this? I have found the adjustment under the car so i will tighten it the next time but I think this is over the top adjusting the handbrake ever few weeks. can anyone help me out as to what is being damaged so as i can rectify this problem.



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Re: Handbrake Troubles

Postby oldrev on Mon, 25 Aug 2008 5:04 +0000

considering ur truck is fairly new maybe you should take the problem to your dealer just in case there is something serious on the way out
other than your brake shoes
sorry didnt realise its an 05
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Re: Handbrake Troubles

Postby ^Nicko on Fri, 19 Apr 2013 3:55 +0000

ive been playing around with the adjustment of my handbrake, because it didnt used to hold at all...

ive got it working pretty well 5 clicks will hold it on a slight slope which is is heap better to how it was.

only thing is it doesnt hold if using it on a steep uphill... it will still roll backwards slowly.

on the same hill if i park facing down the hill it holds rock solid.

is there any way to make it hold parking facing up the hill, its not making much sense to me.

i guess it something to do with the shoes and where there getting friction but not sure where to start.
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Re: Handbrake Troubles

Postby 07luxyTD on Fri, 19 Apr 2013 4:03 +0000

Have you tried adjusting your rear brakes? I had bugger all handbrake, adjusted the cable right up was tighter but still wouldnt hold. Adjusted the pads and had her back again. I then figured pads were worn changed rear pads (had next to nothing on them) wound the cable off and adjusted the pads up, then tightened the cable till it would hold after a few clicks.
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Re: Handbrake Troubles

Postby kyle300exc on Fri, 19 Apr 2013 4:40 +0000

Nicko well done for searching an existing topic. The Hilux handbrake issue haunts all of us that venture off road. Any friction that comes between the rear shoes and the drum ie sand, mud causes the shoe to wear immediately. The best practise is to remove the rear wheels on car stands remove drum via ( grub screws into existing threads 10 ml I think ) blow compressed air through being aware of the cylinder seals and wash with hot soapy water. Rinse again with hot water and dry with compressed air. Re fit drum and wheel and adjust brake from the inside of drum till it starts to grab. I am not a mechanic and happy to be corrected but this is the procedure that I go through. Here is some existing topics on the issue:


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Re: Handbrake Troubles

Postby ^Nicko on Fri, 19 Apr 2013 5:02 +0000

I should have mentioned it in my post, but i had the shoes replaced... still no good.

then started reading on here and backed off the cable adjustment then adjusted the rear pads first with wheels off and just slipping the drum off the, with the wheels on and through the gromet... adjusted them untill i could turn them by hand and they spun free for 2 full turns then stopped.

re tighten the cable back up and really do notice the difference. they improved 10x to what they were, where it used to hold almost all the way up it now holds on 3 clicks.

its just really steep, i mean real steep hills that it doesnt hold... and its only on the nose up the hill, it holds if my hose is down the hill.

and my ute has a fair bit of extra weight, canpoy, drawers, long range tank, steel bar, winch, dual batt, scrub bars, rock sliders, rear bar, rack on canopy. but still there made to take weight.

im just thinking if it hold going down the hill there must be a way to make it hold going up the hill.
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