Firewall insulation breaking down

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Re: Firewall insulation breaking down

Postby frot on Tue, 08 Jan 2019 10:48 +0000

alexisdmtr wrote:Same thing happened to me also.Good thing it was still under warranty and had it replaced.Bad thing now is i hear all these tiny stupid noises from in the dash that drive me crazy due to the great workmanship toyota mechanics have
I realise this is an old thread but I thought I would add my comments anyway. When my 2009 SR5 was about 5 or 6 years old the firewall insulation started to break off in small pieces. 2 years later it was falling off in big chunks and the soundproofing was also coming away. Needless to say Toyota aren't interested, unless of course I am happy to pay $3000 for them to fix it!

Some of you have suggested that it might be the heat and general wear and tear. I owned a Prado in Dubai for many years. When I sold it, it was about 11 years old. The heat and humidity in Dubai exceeds that of most Australian conditions and there was no evidence of any damage to the firewall insulation. I also own a Corolla that stands in the sun in Brisbane most days, it is 13 years old and also no damage/issues with the insulation.

I would guess that Toyota used a substandard product/adhesive on the Hilux and as expected are washing their hands of the issue.
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Re: Firewall insulation breaking down

Postby Kymadn on Thu, 31 Jan 2019 6:42 +0000

Anyone had a go at DIY firewall insulation replacement?

Other products are available as firewall matt. Id like to know if anyone has used alternate firewall insulation, rather then toyotas shitty firewall. I dont want to have this problem again.
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Re: Firewall insulation breaking down

Postby Kymadn on Fri, 01 Feb 2019 8:16 +0000

I called Toyota Service this morning and was quoted $1,700 to replace the firewall insulation. They will not cover the repair despite acknowledging they have used a sub-par product.

I queried if the product has been revised to increase longevity. Toyota could only confirm that the original product has been superseded twice.
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Re: Firewall insulation breaking down

Postby magoo51 on Sat, 30 Nov 2019 5:28 +0000

Same problem with all of the above, rubber insulation with the carpet type backing is breaking down and falling off. If you don't find these pieces they can make a mess of the carpet or kink panels.
Some of the pieces restrict the movement of the A/Con vents. 2011 SR5 with low k's and spent a fair bit of it life in the garage.
I would bet if anyone checked their Lux they would all be the same.
Remove the glove box and check the cabin A/Con filter it will be full of bits of rubber which restricts air intake into the cab by the AirCond.
Obviously Toyota would know about this fault and not interested in assisting in any way.
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