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Re: Under tub water tanks

Postby sixes on Tue, 12 Feb 2019 4:58 +0000

Unfortunately there is nothing for the 2012 model and still, 40lt is 2 jerry cans so the cheaper option still wins IMO.

I was looking at the poly tanks made that sit along the sides to the wheel arch but they take the room I want to use for other stuff. Surely there is a ready made tank that will bolt up under a tub???

My previous setup was spot on (tray back), 130lt water tank/pump and a 60lt aux diesel tank. Sold it as it was too wide and long so have gone back to tub and canopy.

Might look into getting something custom made and attach to the base of the tub...
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Re: Under tub water tanks

Postby Myralga on Tue, 12 Feb 2019 7:18 +0000

There is a small 18L tank on eBay for 05-15 but at 18L it’s tiny for $200 too.

I will state the bladder I have is bloody good and if you don’t really fold up your rear seat on a 5-15 then the space is there for a bladder. On the post 15 the rear upper of the seat doesn’t move so that’s why I put it there.
But do note when it is full I have one issue and one odd quirk.

The issue is the Centre seatbelt does not work correctly won’t pull out when full and won’t go back in when full either. (Bladder presses on the strap holding it in place.) for me this is a non issue. As it’s just me and the missus. But for a family with kids might be a problem.
Odd quirk if your in the back the bladder does give you a weird massage as it sloshes around you will feel it through the seat. And hear it if the radio is down.

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