Sub fuel tank or long range

Sub fuel tank or long range

Postby Bluey89 on Sat, 21 Mar 2015 5:09 +0000

Hey Guys and Gals,
i have a 03 extra cab 3.4l, and i am sick of having to fill up every 400k's just wondering if anyone has fitted a long range or sub tank to a similar lux and which is a better/easier setup
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Re: Sub fuel tank or long range

Postby hotMetal on Wed, 25 Mar 2015 5:39 +0000

Hi mate,

I have a long range 120L fitted to mine. Can get just over 1000kms but I have the 1KZ (Diesel). Or 750kms driving like mad and on 17PSI.

There's plenty of pro's and cons for both, but for ease of setup get one large tank with good underside protection. Mine has been through the Simpson and various other places with buried rocks etc. Still works and goes great! Almost like a tank slider :) no need for rock sliders ;) Got it form Opposite Lock. The standard Hilux tank size is pathetically small I know!

With the petrol it will help immensely! That is a very short range indeed. I used to get around 500-600kms for my diesel but I don't exactly drive mine like grandma either. 66L (DCab) - 120L, yours would be 77L (XCab) I think, well I think the capacity difference speaks for itself. It also sits better underneath, doesn't affect ground clearance or exhaust setup.

Also, going against popular belief, 98 octane will yield a better range than 91 or E10 rubbish. Something like 50+kms extra per fill. So that extra 10-20c/L works out cheaper over the course of a year. Something to keep in mind :idea:

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Re: Sub fuel tank or long range

Postby pipert on Thu, 11 Jun 2015 12:41 +0000

You can't get a sub tank off the shelf for a 03 extra cab hilux. I have a 120L Outback Accessories long range fuel tank on my 2000 model LN167 dual cab. It has replaced the stock 66L tank and it was definitely worth the money.

I have the 5LE and I'm able to get about 800KM out of my long range tank running on 33's with an aftermarket turbo.
2000 Dual Cab Hilux "Tonka" LN167
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Re: Sub fuel tank or long range

Postby kizza1 on Thu, 11 Jun 2015 6:39 +0000

boab make plenty of tanks you can use as a sub tank
i have a slimline one sitting against the headboard of my tub. it was pretty easy to install just gravity feed it into a t fitting in the factory filler neck and a simple ball valve tap.
you can even buy an electronic tap if you didnt want to stop to open the valve.
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