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Hilux 2012 6" lift

PostPosted: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 10:07 +0000
by coolfiger
Good Day everyone,

I am from Trinidad and tobago in the caribbean.

I would like to do a 6" suspension lift on my hilux 2012 vigo model.

I was initially looking at the procomp 6" lift kits but they have been discontinued.

I was wondering if the older tacoma 6" kits from other companies would work on the hilux

example ... 0iDZeKbIp5

or ... -2016.html

we do not "offroad" the vehicle but we need height as where we live there is sometimes 4-5' of water on the roads.

Yes i know we can do a 3" suspension and 3" body lift but looking for more than that.

The cost of a BTV or similar kit is to much so something from America would most likely be the most affordable option. This is why we were looking at the procomp.

If some one can confirm if the tacoma and hilux lifts are the same or are mostly the same. ( if i can use the diff drop and spindles )

we can pretty much handle modification if its required but would like to hear from you guys on experience or value.

Re: Hilux 2012 6" lift

PostPosted: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 3:06 +0000
by coolfiger
bump if anyone ever found anything?

Re: Hilux 2012 6" lift

PostPosted: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 5:14 +0000
by hiluxxury
G'day, there are some difference between the gen2 tacoma and the n70 hilux but I believe that with deep pockets it can be done (you'll need tacoma spindles/uca/lca/hubs/CVs etc). Most people here dont bother with 6in lifts as we here need engineering certificates so they opt for a SAS. Ranger drivers do it but thats another story.