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Lift kit for Toyota vigo

PostPosted: Fri, 04 Dec 2020 10:33 +0000
by Sarago
Hi Guys.. am new here.. i've fixed up an old toyota vigo that I bought a few months ago.. got new rims for it.. fuel vapor 17inch with -18 offset... the tires i currently have on it are yokohama 265/65/17 and they already touch the front bumper a and the mud flaps a bit, but I do manage to drive.. its not too bad.. the tires i bought to fit onto this hilux though, are cooper stt pro 265/70/17 and they just dont fit.. bumper would come off if i were to try to drive with those on..
Would a 4 or 6 inch lift kit help here? and if so, can anyone recomend a good lift kit.. i post some pictures here. these are with the yokohama tires.

Re: Lift kit for Toyota vigo

PostPosted: Sat, 05 Dec 2020 4:43 +0000
Use the search bar man look up some luft and tire threads. Your offset is probably what your problem is mate. Lift doesn't help fit tires. Body lift will help but -18 rims is big offset, if you want them to fit ya better get ready to do some cutting.

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Re: Lift kit for Toyota vigo

PostPosted: Mon, 07 Dec 2020 6:58 +0000
by Sarago
ok thanks for the advice.