Liqui moly diesel purge

Liqui moly diesel purge

Postby Mudgee mud on Tue, 23 Nov 2021 4:09 +0000

I just ran this product last week in my 2.8, 3l motor. What a massive difference. Lot of snake oils out there. Very simple to do.
I do suggest buying 2 old style see through fuel filters ($5 ea) and add them to your pick up and return lines. On the hilux it was a simple job to disconnect the fuel line from the outlet side of the fuel filter and connect into barb on the clear filter, and make sure you use / tap into the fuel return line from the fuel pump. This is easy to get at on the inner guard just below the filter area. Youtube it for a visual heads up. Once running for about 3 minutes. I suggest let it sit for 10 minutes, then restart it. Then go through rev range gently. Let sit again, repeat. Any little left over chemical, just drop it straight into the tank provided there is no particles in it. Using a clear bottle helps to see what levels you are at.
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