transfer case front output seal

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transfer case front output seal

Postby mauricem on Thu, 07 Apr 2016 10:57 +0000

Anybody replaced the transfer case front output shaft seal? Looks like a pretty straightforward job except for the massive crossmember in the way limiting the options to lean on the spanner or use any sort of extension to get the 14mm nuts off the yoke. Cant fit a socket in their either This is a 2000 LN167, on the post 05 Kun series the cross member is out of the way so much easier.

I have tried fitting the spanner to the nut and moving slowly fwd till it hits the gearbox but all this did was break the spanner without budging the nut

Local mech reckons a very good chance the shaft will be chewed out and need a speedi sleeve, not sure about this, heard recommendations against speedi sleeves, any thoughts?
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