Fit new antenna 05 mk6

Fit new antenna 05 mk6

Postby uncomn on Tue, 23 Jun 2020 8:37 +0000

Hi, i bought a hilux tiger d4d in Thailand and am trying to repair all its faults, current job is replacing the front wing ariel that is snapped off, ive got the replacement and have undone the top but when you open the door you can see a single screw holding the bottom, i went for the easy access of unscrewing the screw fixings of the back side of the front wheel arch liner but found there is another layer under that, not sure if its more plastic or metal.

Im planning on taking the wheel off when i get a day thats not too hot and start the job but to try and make sure i get it finished in a single long hot day i thought id see if anyone has done this first for a heads up of getting at that screw, and if the pushing of the wire is easy enough through the firewall?

Ive already soldered a new blaupunkt stereo in (the old one wasnt actually knackered it was just the fuse) and the bluetooth works fine for my music but i really want the radio working for the girlfriends dad as i bought the truck for him and he certainly hasnt got music on his phone or a CD collection.

Thanks in advance, i was very surprised this repair was not on this forum considering how many of these trucks i see every day!

PS if anyone can give me a heads up on that drivers side wheel liner and if there is space behind there to get my hand to that screw, i will give a bit back and post photos of the job.

Chok dee.
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Re: Fit new antenna 05 mk6

Postby DeadlyBeast on Wed, 24 Jun 2020 3:06 +0000

Hi CD. Welcome to the forum.
Just to confirm - 2005 non-airbag model?

When you say "front wing" ariel, is that on the front fender panel or mounted somewhere else on the vehicle?
All of the mk6 models in AU have pillar mounted ariels

If you can post pics of what you are looking at someone should be able to help.

This thread will be relocated to the 2005-15 section once confirmed
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