How would you spend my $15k?

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How would you spend my $15k?

Postby Huss73 on Thu, 19 Dec 2019 4:24 +0000

Hello all

I have a 1999 SR5 dual cab. Currently it has an alloy front bar, standard rear bar, roof platform, snorkel, breathers, new Tough Dog suspension 2inch lift (41mm nitro shocks and 300kg constant load rear leafs), ARB canopy, homemade 12v setup and Titan drawers in the rear.

I have a few items I want which i will list below including costs. I would love to get some input on what you would do and maybe some suggestions of things not in my list.

She is used for camping out of, as a hunting rig and some four wheeling (mainly between camp spots)

My current pain points revolve around useable space and ease of access to my gear. I would also like it to be a little more capable off road (within reason)

Here are some of the items I am considering (all prices already validated)

New gull wing canopy and fit out = $9.5k
Fit out of current tub and canopy = $3k
Enerdrive 12v setup = $2.9k
Front steel bar and winch = $3k
2nd hand drivers Recaro seat and bracket = $2k
Raptor lining = $1.5k
UHF = $500
Wheels and tyres = $1.6k

Other items I haven’t costed yet

E locker
1HD FT conversion
Live axle conversion

Any input would be really appreciated and especially from those you rocking a similar model.

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Re: How would you spend my $15k?

Postby NZMarkb on Fri, 20 Dec 2019 1:21 +0000

My priority would be
Seats -For Comfort
Wheels & Tyres
Lockers ;)

Just my opinion
Good luck with the build
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Re: How would you spend my $15k?

Postby William_Foster on Sat, 21 Dec 2019 7:08 +0000

A good set of tyres will make a big difference (but that might take up your entire budget), I have been using Coopers ST-Maxx for years, done about 80,000km on them across the country and they are only starting to slip on soft sand now. I personally wouldn't bother with replacing the wheels.

A good 12v system would be a bonus, but to be honest the quote for the Enerdrive system sounds expensive; find a good auto-electrician and get them to put you a RedArc system together and you should save a few dollars.

UHF is good for communicating, I have always had them but now with expanded mobile networks and satellite phones they are becoming less used. Maybe look at a Garmin inReach device (or similar), great for tracking where you are going and they give you the ability to contact people if something goes wrong; and if it really goes wrong its got an EPIRB type functionality.

I wouldn't bother with a winch, just a set of MaxTraxx (or similar); but if you do go that way consider keeping your alloy bar, the weight of the steel bar and winch may require some more suspension fiddling.

Other than that, if you are committed to using the vehicle for this purpose (just because $10k is a lot of money) a custom canopy would be great, especially for your new electrics. Having an easy to use set-up where you don't have to climb in the back all the time will be great for when you are stuffed at the end of a long day.

The main thing will be to make a plan for all you want to purchase so that if you do need to make a change to the suspension you only need to do it once.

Hope this helps.
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Re: How would you spend my $15k?

Postby martynvella on Sat, 21 Dec 2019 10:44 +0000

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Re: How would you spend my $15k?

Postby Huss73 on Sun, 22 Dec 2019 10:41 +0000

Hi William_Foster and NZMarkB

Thanks for the input. I have had the same feedback regarding Maxtrax and the winch, so it is nice to have that validated.
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