New owner from UK

New owner from UK

Postby South Rock Sailor on Tue, 15 Nov 2022 7:25 +0000

Hello all. I just thought I would introduce myself as a new member and give you a bit of background.

I took delivery of my new automatic 22 plate Invincible X in Titan Bronze back in July after a 21 month waiting time. Yes you read that correctly! Since then I have added a Bushtech canopy, new deep tailored interior mats, a full sealed rear tailgate kit and a bedrug system. I have also done a very thorough Lanoguard application to the entire interior chassis and exterior as well as taking it to cover the entire underside of the floor and load bed and wheel arches and sills. I used the entire kit up so no top up left for me!! I plan to make small amendments over time as I need them.

This is my first Hilux but not my first Toyota. I have owned 3 Landcruiser models over the years ranging from a blue 53 plate LC4 with that lovely V6, a stunning condition green 95 80 series VX 4.5 and a 54 plate grey 100 series with the 4.2 6 cylinder.

I have also owned a mint condition blue 54 plate Nissan Patrol 3.0 diesel but I won’t make too much of that being in a Toyota forum but it was on my “wanting to own” list.

In terms of other 4WD vehicles I have a previous long history of Land Rover Defenders x 4 of varying models and grades.

I did toy with a Hilux back in 2017. I tried a silver 2.4 Invincible for a couple of days but there were a few things that I really wasn’t keen on so didn’t commit. I was delighted to see they had all been resolved for the 2021 model year so immediately tried one and ordered mine. To date it has been a pleasure to own and with the modifications I have made I have a vehicle it is fit and ready for me and the family. We have already taken it on some short camping trips but due to personal reasons were not able to do anything bigger this year. We plan to kit the vehicle out to be able to accommodate off road use as I have access to off-road land as well as participate in some country based activities that require off-road access and transport. I have also been into wild camping and off-roading for a good 18 years now and plan to remain committed to it! I also plan to do a bit of UK touring and in the next 2 years, start some foreign trips as well.

I have always kitted out my vehicles for my needs but want to take my time to get this one right so I can strike the right balance between my needs and my wishes but also not go overkill on gear to keep weight down. Anyone who has owned a Land Rover will probably be honest and say they have been through the “all the gear” approach before and over time they were able to tailor their kit to their needs more honestly.

Next steps for me are:

1) to work out what storage options I want for the back other than the 4 wolf boxes I currently have
2) work out the optimum location for my National Luna 50 weekender fridge and freezer
3) define tyre and rim size (likely 265/70/17 KM3 as I see a lot of concerns about going above this size)
4) upgrade front shocks and springs to level up the vehicle and also the rear shocks and upper control arms
5) put on a steering / underbody protection
6) develop a plan for power system; I currently use a Jackery 1000 and solar set up

I think that is about it for now introduction wise but do let me know if you have any questions or want to know any more.

I live on the south coast of the UK.

Best wishes to all

South Rock Sailor
South Rock Sailor
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Re: New owner from UK

Postby Gipsy on Wed, 16 Nov 2022 4:58 +0000

Welcome to the forum, you have really gone to town on your new hilux. We look forward to hearing about escapes into the wild country.
Helston Cornwall is my last UK port of call but that was over 65 years ago :o my dad served at Couldrose where he met the new King, and transferred to the RAN in the 50's. Since then I've sailed the east coast of Oz and delivered yachts up and down the coast. Now I pass the lighthouse on the land side :D but always interested in the great ocean races.
Cheers Gipsy :D although I'm sure somebody will challenge that :lol: even Einstein wasn't certain of his theories.
My 2013 auto D4D DC SR5, prefilter, 3" exhaust and Chip with egt probe, stock SR5 rims with Toyo Open Country AT2 265/65R/17's
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