Gday from Fiji!

Gday from Fiji!

Postby tropicalux on Thu, 10 Jun 2021 7:25 +0000

Hi there
Newbie from the Fiji Islands and wanted to introduce myself and my pride and joy.Ive decided to live off instant noodles and throw all my earnings on the lux and see where that goes!! So far so good haha
Hope to learn from all the experience and knowledge on here and take in any advice you all have for me (thank you in advance!)

2014 3.0 SR5 (Our spec) manual had it since new. Just put in an EVC throttle controller PHEW man it makes a difference already
I ordered a PPD performance 3 inch full system (no cat no res) should be here next week. Dont really have too much drama with cops so should be fine hopefully.
Have also got an EGR off module from chiptuning on the way. Any feedback on this would be great! Having said that i reached out to one member that i came across on reading some older threads about this module and he said he had no dramas with it so thanks mate if your reading this !
i wish i joined 3 years ago i wouldve gotten the 7mm blank plate but i thought for now ill turn it off with the module and look at a plate/full clean later if the need arises. I need to see if the local toyota shop or couple of diesel docs here would be up to the task as i wont risk opening her up myself!
And am also tossing up a dominator 1 module or getting a remap done here locally when the time comes, but this remap wont include a dyno run as this shop has no dyno. What do you guys think?

Thanks heaps !
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Re: Gday from Fiji!

Postby hiluxxury on Fri, 11 Jun 2021 6:42 +0000

Welcome tropicalux

I run remapped ecu without a dyno tune.. its fine. The dyno is good for squeezing the extra couple of kw but isnt actually necessary.

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Re: Gday from Fiji!

Postby tropicalux on Mon, 14 Jun 2021 1:41 +0000

Sorry for the late one bro! And thank you for the welcome..Really cool to be on here
Working on getting a TJM bar/scrubs/step kit put on the truck soon. Hoping the weight doesnt turn it into a tractor haha
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