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Joel Here from NZ

PostPosted: Sun, 04 Oct 2020 2:50 +0000
by theging
Hello everyone ive got a 08 sr5 hilux dblecab auto just ticked over 400k and still going strong its got 33s on and sturt spacers in front to level it out have got a 3 inch front lift and 2inch rear lift to put in over the next few weeks will be building a front bullbar for it also in the near future i like to do everything myself if im able to also having a father who is a engineer is fantastic

Re: Joel Here from NZ

PostPosted: Mon, 05 Oct 2020 4:20 +0000
by NZMarkb
Hi Joel

Welcome on board

Don't waste your time with the 3 inch lift
It'll never get a WOF and if you get a dodgy one it'll drive like shit
Get rid of those strut spacers (plenty of good info on here about them) and fit a proper 2 inch lift to the front and an inch on the rear
You'll thank yourself later

Re: Joel Here from NZ

PostPosted: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 5:39 +0000
by theging
I was really only going to put the 3 inch in cause i have it and sell it as its clicked over 400k and upgrade to one with less kms and spend my money on the new one whats the deal with the strut spacers here ive had different people tell me different things regaurding wofs are they legal or not?