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New member from FRANCE

PostPosted: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 1:56 +0000
Hello All,

My name is Jimmy, after a reminder from an admin, just thought it would be best to introduce myself to everyone.
I have been looking around at Hilux forums and it seems like I have stumbled across a wealth of Toyota knowledge. I have a 2001 Land Cruiser KDJ95 that I use during french children's holidays since I was retired (2 years). I got this used SUV since 2009 (81000kms) from a Toyota dealer and it was maintained by myself for regular maintenance until it advice me with a check engine amber light blinking suddenly on the highway around 130km/h (175000km). Following this failure and searching to solve it, I find New Hilux as a great place to learn solutions related to Toyota's four wheels tips and tricks, so thanks for having me guys.

Re: New member from FRANCE

PostPosted: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 5:23 +0000
by Gipsy
Welcome Jimmy, enjoy ;) did you ever get to know why you had the engine light in your LandCruiser?
Maybe you should invest in an obd2 reader to check future engine light problems. They are cheap at $30 and work through the vehicle's computer circuit.

Re: New member from FRANCE

PostPosted: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 10:45 +0000
Thanks for your reply. I already got an MVCI interface via Ebay and installed a techstream software on a old PC laptop with Vista 32bits which operates very well. I read the DTC 1255 (34(3)) memorised in the ECU saying "Turbocharger stick detected". When y look to explicit data, i noted that "Intake valve control OPEN switch Open" is OFF and a slight difference between "revision injection volume #3" = 2.504 instead -1 for the 3 others.
Consequently, it seem that the EGR and probably intake manifold is clogged by carbon deposit. I decided to proceed a deep cleaning of those pipes. To proceed safely I need the process to dismantle the EGR and air intake manifold and prevent any mishandling. After that I am thinking to place a DIY optimised oil Catch Can.