Extra Cab restoration from EU

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Extra Cab restoration from EU

Postby Kodric on Wed, 02 Sep 2020 1:09 +0000

2008, 2.5l Extra Cab - Rebuild

It's finally happened... The guy at the yearly inspection said: "you shall not pass"! :lol:
Well he's a good guy and the problem is only the front right upper ball joint, but I've been putting it off for a year so it's time to start.

The background:
I bought my Hilux in 08 from a Toyota dealership in Ljubljana (SLO), so I'm the 1st owner.
Some "cheap" mods were done, that I'm not so proud of, but in my defence, the car cost a lot and being a student didn't help.
Over the years we had some great adventures, but due to daily driving to work and back didn't manage to rack up a lot of kilometres. So after 11 years, we are at 140.000 km and it's time to put in some work to make it till 300.000 km

Sandblasting of chassis, repair and repaint
Suspension lift (3") and body lift (30-50mm)
Tyres and if need be rims (33")
Front and rear bumper (If budget allows)
Body dent & scratch repair and respray (Raptor bed liner)


To be able to register the car after the upgrades I will have to provide the right paperwork.

If anyone did any of the mentioned upgrades and knows how to do this legally in the EU, I would greatly appreciate some help.

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Re: Extra Cab restoration from EU

Postby Kodric on Mon, 12 Oct 2020 9:16 +0000

Talked to some people in the "tuning" community, they don't usually put on bigger tyres but as long as the rims have a TUV certificate for bigger tyres you are good to go. Also, there are notes to requirements that have to be met, as clearance and fender coverage.

With this information, I'm now looking for the right rims to support the 33" tyres or something in the metric equivalent.

Any suggestions?
Hilux - 2008, 4x4 - 2,5D4D Extra Cab
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Re: Extra Cab restoration from EU

Postby DeadlyBeast on Tue, 13 Oct 2020 6:14 +0000

Hi Kodric
Looking forward to the restoration pics. Do you have
Given plans for 3" suspension lift + a body lift and the 30mm wheel spacers you already have, is it safe to assume that the TUV cert allows for change of rim offset?

3" lift can cause all sorts of problems and extra $$. You will have plenty of room for 33's with body lift and 2" suspension.
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Re: Extra Cab restoration from EU

Postby Caleebra on Thu, 15 Oct 2020 4:10 +0000

Regards to TÜV certificate, the only ones i have found here in Europe are OME, Trail Master, Dobinsons, Pedders. And they lift 40 and 50mm (2" lift).
Bodylift are nowhere to be found with TÜV certificate. (if someone knows of them, link them!)

Regarding wheel spacing, i am not sure if its a EU road law or just for Norway, but we cant change the offset of wheel with more then 7,5mm on each side.
So by driving with wheels that have 0 offset / ET0, is not legal for me here in Norway, but most of us drive with it anyway as a 265 tire pokes out with just 1-2cm, some Police officers and state road agencies might stop you. but will not give you a fine, they would either confiscate your license plates or send you a notice to have the car checked at the closest State Road Administration(as they call it here in Norway).

Hope some of this info might help you to get your Hilux road legal :)
- Arne from Norway here, glad to chat with you -

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