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Bump's Tank - 2009 Mk6 Invincible Auto UK

PostPosted: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 6:44 +0000
by mrbump
This is a thread for my 2009 Hilux Invicible 3.0 Automatic.

I first got this truck in Dec 2012 and was used as my daily driver and occasional farm truck for a year or so and then just as a daily driver up until I had a near head on crash in 2016 where a Honda Civic took a racing line out of a side road which I was slowing down to turn into and went straight through my front right corner.

She shattered the steering rack, front right suspension, bumper mount, wheel and tyre and left front suspension. I cant remember what else but it cost £6000 to be fixed and I've only starting to get my driving confidence back now. :oops:

The only mod I have currently is a set of 265/70/16 General Grabber AT2s which I got in 2013 and they have treated me well in mud on farm and the few times its seen proper snow and ice in Scotland.

This was the truck the day after I got the new boots fitted. I hardly remember that day now.


And this was one evening locking up on the farm


Jobs coming up on the truck are getting my brakes sorted before I mini road trip next month and getting my side lights fixed at local garage as I need to pickup a new tool set still.

I'm also currently getting quotes for a 3inch turbo back exhaust as the current exhaust is starting to go.

Future plans/ideas include...

Rust treatment/underseal etc as i'm paranoid about it and want to make my truck last. I didn't realise how it was until looking at photos today.
Fitting second battery as for some reason I don't have one and didn't know until recently I was meant to have 2.
Rocksliders/side step as current Toyota ones look awful underneath the truck (pics in future post)
Bash plates
Suspension lift 2 icnhes or so and all the stuff to rectify diff etc.
Front winch + Bumper.
Rear Bumper with swing arm for spare wheel.
Possibly step up to 285s or 33 inch tyres but would need auto box cooler as a mate from HPOC site told me. As I may tow in future.

Anyway enough of a first post on my truck.


Re: Bump's Tank - 2009 Mk6 Invincible Auto UK

PostPosted: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 3:38 +0000
by Caleebra
Welcome mate!

She's a beauty!
Like the list of plans you've got for her, very similar to what i have on my list to do.
Will be looking forward to seeing you update the thread :)

Re: Bump's Tank - 2009 Mk6 Invincible Auto UK

PostPosted: Wed, 05 Feb 2020 2:28 +0000
by mrbump
Caleebra wrote:Welcome mate!

She's a beauty!
Like the list of plans you've got for her, very similar to what i have on my list to do.
Will be looking forward to seeing you update the thread :)

Cheers mate, nice to see a more local-ish neighbour! :lol:

I've just received the drivers/passenger side window visors and gave the window seals a good clean today with dish soap, water and old tooth brush. Mate on HPOC site recommended patio cleaner or Bac50 fluid at 25:1 mix which I'll try remember for future use.

Also just ordered some gas struts for the bonnet and tailgate. Ebay jobbies so see how they are once they arrive/fitted.

Sent truck in for brake checkup and sidelight repairs and garage a nightmare finding the correct pads. Apparently there are 3 different sizes for my truck and the company selling them didn't inform him of this either. :shock:

Re: Bump's Tank - 2009 Mk6 Invincible Auto UK

PostPosted: Sat, 08 Feb 2020 2:20 +0000
by mrbump
So today, I really nice chap I met on a hilux site here in the UK came to help me fit my Steinbauer since I have mobility issues in my hands and couldn't have done todays work without him.

We followed the instructions previously posted on this forum here - viewtopic.php?f=29&t=9536

They worked well, the only issue we' had is that we had trouble getting the rubber hose off between the intercooler and turbo. The rubber was ultra tight and the pipe had a lip on it which made getting it off really hard with my duff hands. Getting it on again was nowhere near as hard and used a screwdriver to lever the rubber hose over the metal pipe. I probably used awful choice of words, but the previous link will make sense.

We didn't seee a way of mounting the unit into/on the truck and because I want to fit the 2nd battery we felt this was the most suitable place. mate drilled 5mm hole which we sprayed over with black waxoil/hammerite mix. He then fitted a small bracket which we then ziptied the unit on and its nice and snug now.


We didn't bother with the grey or white wire as thats what the lads on HPOC forum recommended and they'd had no issue, plus we were fitting the "Power Pedal" unit right after which was a simple job.

We replaced the wire connecting the to the throttle pedal into the input for the Steinbauer "Power Pedal", then the connector into the top of the throttle.


After this we just tidied it away behind the plastic housing to the right of the throttle pedal/drivers right leg.


After this I updated my insurance and then we took it for a spin round the block a few times and WOW. It made a hell of a difference. Felt like a different truck. :D :lol:

We also tried fitting the tailgate dampener thing but it was a bastard to fit and there was no possible way what they sent would fit/work. So bad that we accidentally chipped paint off the unit just doing a test close. Will post update if I find a new one later in due course.