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Postby apSlain on Sun, 14 Oct 2018 8:08 +0000

Hi all, been awhile since I've posted an update here. Heaps has happened on the vehicle; too much to list, really, so this'll be a bit of a departure from my usual essays. Here are two pictures from my recent trip to Moreton Island:


As you can see, I've now installed a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform which serves to carry my kayak and my mate's Oztent RV-5; possibly a roof-top tent in future. I've finally installed a UHF (Icom IC-450 + RFI CDQ5000/CDQ34) with the handset mounted via a ClicOn Angled Mount. I also have a DAB antenna bonnet-mounted (Axis F174P), and an AM/FM antenna bullbar-mounted (ZCG SGL1100-BLKR).

Honestly, I'm disappointed by the AM/FM antenna. I went for the 750mm to keep it lower than rack-height but I probably could've gone the 900m and been safe. My reception is worse and that includes with an in-line booster installed. However, it could be a bad termination by me. Regardless, I'll be replacing this but I haven't seen a decent alternate (height-wise) to the 900mm variant of the same antenna. It also needs to be a black spring, 'cause aesthetics :oops:

I also installed a Cel-Fi GO Repeater on the vehicle with an RFI CDQ7197 on the roof. It's a bit finnicky but I'm not sure whether that's my phone's fault. On Moreton Island, you have reception pretty much everywhere except the eastern side of the island (e.g. Blue Lagoon). I had success using the repeater on the Eastern side to get a bit of a reception bump that assisted with navigation.

Everything else is on the minor side and I can't remember, haha.
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