Davbars 2wd moneypit.....

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Re: Davbars 2wd moneypit.....

Postby davbar65 on Tue, 21 Jan 2020 4:24 +0000

Hi Crowne,
The diff lock is brilliant. I went with the electric elocker as I am not a big fan of air lockers.
At the time it was about $1300 I think supplied and installed. It has been in 4 years now problem free.
Amazing improvement in traction. Would I do it again..YES...no question.

The wiper mod is on the forum somewhere. Basically I bought a wiper stalk with intermittent function from a SR5 4wd of a similar model year and swapped it out...nothing else required, no wiring mods or extra relays or anything.

As for the tacho...no idea...never looked into it as I have a scangauge which displays rpm

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