Instructions for changing diesel filter

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Re: Instructions for changing diesel filter

Postby Darky1963 on Fri, 13 May 2016 4:25 +0000

Any chance your still able to email a copy ?
Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Instructions for changing diesel filter

Postby PB4less on Tue, 20 Sep 2016 10:34 +0000

Warning that actions will be determined by your location. If in urban environment, then no real issues but if by yourself in a rural area then you will need to make a decision about what to do.

OK experienced the dreaded yellow light of doom aka water fuel warning light. As usual halfway between here & there and no spare filter (let’s face it 70% of us don’t carry one in the vehicle). So quick stop, drain fuel via the bottom plug on the fuel filter assembly and away I go. Still with steady yellow light. So consult the owner’s manual (yep that is in the car). Must have misread as not much help, consult again and same conclusion. Also no mobile or internet coverage (thought the NBN would fix that ).

Ok cross fingers that engine isn’t going to chuck a wobbly and continue on as <100 km to where I need to be.

Fortunately, wife is going to a shopping centre and Wi-Fi now working for the iPad.
Go online and quick check of universal information YouTube. Conclusion, undo retaining ring on fuel filter assembly and replace fuel filter. No problems…It also happens that there is an Autocheap in the centre. Hey things are looking good.

No issues with finding correct filter as shop assistant actually assists and knows their stuff.
Problem solved! Well partly.

Ok grab the retaining ring and it moves 2mm and won’t budge. Now have a dilemma. Fuel filter assembly is hard plastic so is it something that will break when force is applied to the holding ring. Hmm check of universal reference two i.e. internet, again.

Universal reference not much help at this stage as all references refer to ‘undo retaining ring’. So next bright idea is to check with a couple of mechanics including a Toyota Spare Parts.

I checked four sources and received four different responses none of which were any real help except to confirm that there were now five people who didn’t have the real answer. Responses ranged from ‘just undo the ring’ to ‘take the bowl; out and unscrew it from the bottom’ (that was actually Toyota).

I did find reference to removing the sensor (warning switch connector), starting the engine then reconnecting the sensor. This at least gave temporary respite from the yellow light. Also came across reference that if the light immediately came back on to check the wallet for potential engine replacement costs.

It may be worth noting that there are several references on the internet that state that a steady yellow light equates to a dirty filter and a blinking light means water in the fuel. This is opposed to the blinkin’ light won’t go off what do I do type situation.

Ok so I have a brand new filter and remaining issue of whether I am going to break the fuel filter housing or not.

Hey bright idea, check the New Hilux website and ask for assistance. So I composed a short question then went looking as to the most appropriate board to post on. Only problem is that it’s easy to get distracted by other stuff when visiting the site but viewtopic.php?t=16912 is helpful and made me feel better that I was not alone in my ignorance. But the answer is in viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2771&hilit=filter+replacement&start=220 and the post by 9W6VX. This links to a workshop manual and voila! AND the secret answer is “Using a screwdriver as a lever, loosen the fastener nut until it can be loosened by hand “. See not hard is it? Getting the answer maybe.

Oh yeah there was one other thing.

I toddled off to Toyota to pick up a spare filter and was given a filter that bore no resemblance to the one I was using. Despite querying this three times I was assured it was the correct filter. Instinct said it wasn’t but as a mere mortal I thought there was a possibility that the filter may have been reengineered to a better model. No, instinct was correct so three trips to town, one correct spare fuel filter and now am fitting a Waterwatch!
Actually regardless of how this appears this is actually a shortened version of events and I have omitted reference to the fun actually involved in purchasing the correct filter.
Now where did I put that...?
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Re: Instructions for changing diesel filter

Postby Unluckyalf on Mon, 26 Sep 2016 12:48 +0000

Just my 2c on the Fuel Filter. I recently had to do a run down to a remote client early on a Saturday morning. About 100km in and the Filter light comes on solid, usually indicating crap in the fuel. Well of course i had no spare filter and the Hilux didnt seem to have any performance issues so i pressed on. Reached Katherine at 7.30am and of course nowhere was open. I still had a 4 hour drive to the client and another 7 and a half hour drive to get back home.
All in all, i did 1600km out of a 1700km trip with the filter light on with no noticeable performance issues and the filter was replaced as soon as i got back on the following Monday. Im not sure if this kind of thing can cause long term issues or whether it just puts more load on the fuel pump. Either way, i am now carrying a couple of spare filters just in case i get caught out.
There is a youtube video that covers this and they just took off the 4 pipes, the sensor connector and just undid 2 allen bolts to remove the entire assembly. Im guessing it would make it much easier to work on.
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Re: Instructions for changing diesel filter

Postby adman001 on Wed, 16 May 2018 1:11 +0000

If you still check this forum, could you email me a copy?

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Re: Instructions for changing diesel filter

Postby PB4less on Wed, 16 May 2018 3:21 +0000

not sure who you're chasing but papers still available at
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