2019 wheels on 2014 sr5

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2019 wheels on 2014 sr5

Postby nifty01 on Sat, 23 Feb 2019 7:21 +0000

Gday all,
First post on here as now a hilux owner.
Hav 2014 sr5 with standard wheel.17inch
Mate has a 2019 sr5.withthe 18inch wheels and getting new wheels and tyres.
Can i fithis wheels to my vehicle without issues?
Eg rubbing,speedo accuracy, gearing up?
His tyresonly hav 100klm on em and m8ne r worn out. Was gonna fith8s standard ht and then get a spare set of at tyres on my rims for when touring . He wants 850 for the 4.wheels.and.tyres.

Opinions valued please.

Many thanks,
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Re: 2019 wheels on 2014 sr5

Postby Gipsy on Sat, 23 Feb 2019 8:57 +0000

Try them first, $850 is cheap for wheels and tires. Should fit ok and speedo will be more accurate with 18". Keep your old ones as not sure about tyre choices for 18" but I'm sure you'll get your money back if you sell the rims after you wear out the tyres :)
Even if you wear the 18" tyres out its cheaper than new ones for the standard rims.
Cheers Gipsy :D
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Re: 2019 wheels on 2014 sr5

Postby HK1837 on Sat, 23 Feb 2019 12:54 +0000

Speedo should not change as the new ones are the same approx size? 265/60/18 are pretty close to 265/65/17.

The factory tyres are terrible if they are those Duelers. I took my 15” ones off the first wet roundabout I hit. Never had a car to a 270deg spin on me under mild acceleration.I think I did about 800km on them. They are still on the rims up on the mezzanine! Replaced with 17” rims and Yokohamas.
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