Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

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Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

Postby 2014KUN26 on Sun, 13 Sep 2020 1:59 +0000

Hi all,
Recently bought a 2014 SR Hilux (no flares) and one of the first things I want to do is put bigger, wider tires on her.

The current wheels are 225/70 R17.

My first question is about the rim size. I would ideally like to put 16" rims on but I've heard that on these models that it's hard to put smaller rims on as the brakes are too big. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Do you know how small you can go? Or is it better to stick with 17" rims?

Secondly, if I go to some wider rims, what sort of offset should I be looking at to avoid rubbing?

Finally, will 30s or 31s be too big to fit on a standard lift? I want to get a 2/3" lift for it as well and was wondering if it would be better to deal with the lift before the tires.

Appreciate any help / advice anyone can offer!

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Re: Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

Postby hiluxxury on Mon, 14 Sep 2020 8:19 +0000

Hey mate, have a look in this thread viewtopic.php?f=27&t=6572

I moved your post from the gen8 section to the relevant gen7 section which will have a lot more discussion on the topic.
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Re: Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

Postby HK1837 on Mon, 14 Sep 2020 8:32 +0000

The stock tyres on a 2014 SR5 are 265/65/17 with 30P 17x7.5” rims. These are about 1.25” in diameter bigger than your 225/70/17. So these will work perfectly and not scrub with standard suspension. However without flares the edges of the tyres stick out from cars I’ve seen with them. Maybe something like a 245/70/17 which are pretty much the same diameter as a 265/65/17?

Either the 265/65/17 or 245/70/17 will be OK with your front rotors too as the rotor diameter is designed for that diameter tyre (rotor diameter increased when tyre diameter changed from 255/70/15 to 265/65/17 so the taller tyre won’t over-work the rotors).
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Re: Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

Postby Sparksy on Wed, 16 Sep 2020 10:21 +0000

The rotors increased from 297mm to 319mm with the VSC equipped Hilux with caliper and pad sizes to suit. If your lux came with 17" rims as standard, it's a guarantee you have VSC,

Only some 16" rims fit. It's all about trial and error unfortunately. I have 16 x 8 Dynamic rims in a 0 offset which clear the calipers on my 2015 n70. Method Standards in a 16 x 8 fit as do GU patrol rims. There are a few more around but I'm not certain on the specifics.

As for offset, a +20 will fit a 265 tyre flush with no flares. A 0 offset would sit flush with stock flares if you ever get them. Going to 285 wide will most definitely require flares as well, as the best offset to fit a 285 without scrubbing would be a +10 or 0 which means the tyre will poke out a fair bit more. Also a good wheel alignment with someone who know what they are doing is absolutely required and possibly some trimming as well to the inner guard or body mount, especially if you remove the sway bar.

Remember, suspension lift does not help with tyre clearance! You will still compress your suspension to the same point offroad, regardless of lift. A body lift or guard chop is a different story, but let's not get into that now. :P

Just be warned 285's will make the gearing pretty tall already on an already tall first gear, plus might affect your crawl speed offroad, depending on how you wheel. You will also need to space your bump stops to stop the wheel hitting your guard.

A safe option if you don't want to do anything too heavy as far as modification goes are 265/75/16 (or 265/70/17 should you not go with 16" rims) as they won't require a huge amount of trimming (no body mount chop required with a decent alignment) to fit and not rub under full compression. There might be a slight amount of trimming to the front mudflaps etc, but that should be it.

The only drama I see is that the stock rims on your SR are 17 x 6 which I think might be too small for a 265 wide tyre. You might be limited to 245 wide on your current rims.

Good luck brother!
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Re: Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

Postby nicebike on Sat, 19 Sep 2020 10:57 +0000

Some observations.

17 x 6 (standard SR) is too narrow for anything wider than the standard 225/70. 245/70 require a minimum of 6.5" and more is definitely better. Tyre manufacturers recommended minimum rim width for 245/70 is 6.5".

245/70 on 17x7.5 30P (standard SR5) will hang out past unflared SR guards, but otherwise works well.

Although illegal, 245/70 can be squeezed onto standard offset 6.0'' rims and will fit under the guards, although inside clearance will be minimal.

245/70 on 6" is a crap idea and will likely handle worse than 225/70.

The only possible benefit of 16"s over 17"s for any given tyre OD, would be greater sidewall height from rim to road, theoretically permitting the use of lower pressures. Some Dynamic 16"s will fit but I have no idea how much clearance is left to the caliper.

I think your best bet is to haunt some tyre joints and try to pick up some cheap 17/7.5 stock steelies, then fit 245/70 or 265/70 to them. You will have to suck it up and add some flares of some sort to use the wider wheels.
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Re: Rim sizes on 2014 Hilux

Postby HK1837 on Sat, 19 Sep 2020 12:52 +0000

Just keep an eye out for a set of factory 17x7.5 30P Hilux or Landcruiser Prado rims. Like these for example:

https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/auburn/ ... 1257113803
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