2012 SR5 Tub

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2012 SR5 Tub

Postby Skrewdriver on Mon, 18 Feb 2019 1:14 +0000

[url]ITEM: 2012 SR5 Tub

EXTRA INFO: I am looking to buy the following items: 2012 SR5 Tub, complete for next to nothing or very very cheap. If this is not available, I could get away with the tailgate stoplight, clear lens version, and I am also chasing the screws that hold the access panel to the tailgate, on the inside of the tub.

LOCATION: I am located in Maitland, but I will travel for the right items/price

CONTACT DETAILS:[/url] E-Mail: pbialasinski@bigpond.com or 0407 237723
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E-Mail: pbialasinski@bigpond.com
Phone: (0407) 237723
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