Engine oil viscosity EMU reset after oil change

Engine oil viscosity EMU reset after oil change

Postby berniecam on Fri, 26 Oct 2018 4:50 +0000

Just trying to get to the bottom of this. A lot of us on here do our own oil changes ourselves I am only referring to the 2.8 D4D engines with DPF units fitted as in the current Hiluxes, I have always used the oil as Toyota describes in the hand book & changed it with a genuine oil filter, if doing low kms in twelve months do oil & filter after only 5000 kms.
OK so what is the problem, well I read recently that if you do not have a scan gauge we should not change it ourselves reason being that you have to reset the oil viscosity section in the EMU & if you do not do that sooner or later you will get an engine fault warning come up that you have not changed the engine oil when Toyota does the oil change for you they reset it for you as a matter of course so after we have done four oil changes ourselves & not reset the EMU it may think that none at all has been done, OK so for some other reason the engine drops a piston catastrophic engine failure under warranty, Toyota faced with complete engine replacement interrogates the EMU & it shows no oil change in 20,000kms good grounds for warranty refusal, well you can see where this is going.
I contacted two different Toyota dealerships in completely different areas to ask if they do a reset of the EMU oil viscosity after they do an oil change one dealer said YES they must do a reset if they change the oil, the other dealer said they have done hundreds of oil changes on the 2.8 D4D & never heard about this so they do NOT do it.(CONFUSED) :o Cheers.
If anybody has definite ideas may some could leave their comments on here
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Re: Engine oil viscosity EMU reset after oil change

Postby numberplate on Sat, 27 Oct 2018 4:37 +0000

i dont know anything about the EMU / ECU reset , but i know if they get an engine failure they get an oil sample analysed in a lab , which can tell them exactly when the oil was changed , what grade it is , engine condition, the works.
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