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ARB Base Rack

PostPosted: Wed, 07 Apr 2021 11:18 +0000
by usewhenrequired
Has anyone got experience with the ARB Base Rack?
I purchased one a year ago and decided to wank it out with side mounted work lights but there appears to be no way of mounting anything unless its from the pre-designed dove tail fitted range. I don't want to drill holes in it but just throwing it out there if anyone has found brackets from another manufacturer to be able to do this. And yes, I could make/get some made but looking for a quick option.
I have written to ARB but yet to hear back.

Re: ARB Base Rack

PostPosted: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 11:38 +0000
by Myralga
That’s simply arb doing what arb does best.
Getting you to buy more ARB Products.
Think from memory everything you Mount to it is UNIQUE to their dovetail design.
I have not seen anyone else run anything similar.
You can Mount the likes of Thule and Rhino rack but wait you need a dovetail adapter from ARB ;).
Bite the bullet buy the bracket you need from them
They should have them on the shelf if they are worth their money.

That’s the ARB way.

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