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Steering rack mount bushes

PostPosted: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 6:19 +0000
by YTB4x4
Hey cobbers, pulling my front diff out of my N80 as im going twin lock, my steering rack mounts have been flogged for a while and while my diff is out its the perfect time to swap them out. only problem is that toyota dont sell the bush. and no after market option listed for N80. GETTING MIXED ANSWERS. anyone changed theirs before and know what part. number i need?? or what model car? (got told n70 bushes fit but them also got told otherwise but majority of the people)


Re: Steering rack mount bushes

PostPosted: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 5:55 +0000
by hiluxxury
Hey YTB4x4, welcome to the forum... a good question. Toyo dont sell the parts as they claim they are too hard to remove and install.

You could probably do a parts cross-ref at partsouq... but I just googled and superpro do a kit for the n80: ... -999501774