Counterfeit Oil Filters 90915-YZZD2

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Counterfeit Oil Filters 90915-YZZD2

Postby allanj on Wed, 15 Jan 2020 11:46 +0000

Buyer beware. I recently purchased through Ebay 90915-YZZD2 oil filters for my 2015 SR5 2.8 diesel. They were in a three pack & advertised as Genuine Toyota Filters. Not so.
The only way I noticed after very careful examination & prior to dismantling was that the black drain back valve looked closer to the inlet plate, & the O Ring seal was not lubricated like the genuine part. All other areas including packaging were identical.
Suspicion then crept in, so I carefully dismantled two as the other had been fitted to my vehicle. My findings confirmed they were counterfeit, with sub standard filter paper that had been squashed up on assembly, thin sub standard drain back rubber valve, sub standard gluing of the end plates & sub standard main O ring seal.
These counterfeit parts are very hard to detect on first inspection & could result in major engine damage. Mine stared to leak after approx 3000k so removed & fitted a genuine from the dealer.
See pics for better description. Sorry can't upload at present files to big. Believe Toyota have a class action going on for all counterfeit parts.
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Re: Counterfeit Oil Filters 90915-YZZD2

Postby jimO on Wed, 15 Jan 2020 12:42 +0000

i know a guy who had a service done on a 3 year old nissan warriorat his local garage (not a nissan dealer), the oil filter was the correct part but the o ring was either missing or it was incorrectly fitted, on his way home it pumped all the oil out and destroyed the engine, the price of a new nissan engine fitted is $33000, the garage supplied and fitted a 2nd hand engine on their insurance but it ran like a dog and eventuality they bought it off them for trade in value
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Re: Counterfeit Oil Filters 90915-YZZD2

Postby numberplate on Wed, 15 Jan 2020 3:05 +0000

there was something on FB about this a little while back - filters were stuffed with rags not paper , bad crimping , the works. I believe they were coming from the UAE somewhere.

glad you found it before it caused any damage

mind you , its ripoff parts prices from dealers which create a black market in counterfeit parts. If a filter was sold at only $20 ( trade price ) and not $50 ( retail ) then nobody would bother copying it.
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Re: Counterfeit Oil Filters 90915-YZZD2

Postby DenSos on Thu, 16 Jan 2020 2:26 +0000

They have signs all over the place about this at my local Toyota dealer, but good work on spreading the word!
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