Hydraulic lifters

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Hydraulic lifters

Postby Vinodhan on Tue, 27 Apr 2021 7:38 +0000

Hi guys I know this strictly Hilux buy I recently gave my Toyota Avanza for engine overhaul and I noticed that the lifters are making noise I bought the yellow shell 15w40 and also the car was doing a mileage previously at about 200000km

Car is 1.5sx 2016 model

Any ideas some guys says oil not ok I'm not sure the head did go for engineering so the engineer would off checked the lifters before that
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Re: Hydraulic lifters

Postby Gipsy on Wed, 28 Apr 2021 5:58 +0000

We don't have that vehicle in Australia but are you sure it has lifters? Surely a 2016 model Toyota has overhead cam(s)? Maybe it's the adjustment to the valve gear that's making that noise. I just looked online at what it is and yes it has double overhead cam so no lifters. Its really a Daihatsu just marketed by Toyota.
Sorry I can't help you.

Cheers Gipsy :D
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