Snorkel brands. Help!

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Re: Snorkel brands. Help!

Postby Myralga on Mon, 29 Apr 2019 8:17 +0000

rjo89 wrote:Just a thought for those who are thinking about installing an ARMAX snorkel.

If you want to install scrub bars over the front guards then the ARMAX snorkel might impact on the snorkel. I only have the standard Safari snorkel and my Ironman scrub bars come very close to the body of the snorkel (about an inch clearance). I haven't seen ARB scrub bars and their clearance on either the stock or the ARMAX snorkel, but just something to consider. I doubt the ARMAX would fit with my the Ironman scrub bars.

Fits no dramas I have ARB bars and ARMAX.

Both were installed at similar time. So the ARMAX on first and then the side rails were set to suit both the snorkel and “look pretty”.

ARB’s rails are mounted fairly low on the 15+

I only have about 15mm clearance to the snorkel body but no sign of ever touching and I have some absolutely horrible roads out west. (Also done strezleki and oonadatta tracks in the ute still got nothing)

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Re: Snorkel brands. Help!

Postby tuff-lux on Thu, 21 May 2020 1:53 +0000

Anyone have an Ironman bar with scrub bars installed as well as a armax snorkel? As previously stated I think it will be close but just want to see if anyone has done it before buying an armax snorkel.

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Re: Snorkel brands. Help!

Postby hansheulu on Fri, 29 May 2020 10:30 +0000

CB23 wrote:I have the TJM Airtec, easy home install with good instructions and I like the look of it.
With any snorkel you will notice some noise, the airtec is very quiet in my opinion though.
Snorkels aren't a performance upgrade, they're just for engine protection so I wouldn't be concerned unless you're building a high performance truck. All the reputable brands certainly don't restrict performance.

Is this snorkel from TJM? I heard that it is easy to get water?
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Re: Snorkel brands. Help!

Postby specwarop on Wed, 23 Sep 2020 7:20 +0000

Does anyone have a pre-filter installed on their genuine Toyota Snorkel? They have a unique ram head on them...
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Re: Snorkel brands. Help!

Postby Allords on Thu, 24 Sep 2020 9:16 +0000

Give unifilter a call. They make a lot of variants.
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