Replacing front 360 degree camera

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Replacing front 360 degree camera

Postby usurp on Thu, 11 Aug 2022 1:26 +0000

Hey guys, over the weekend I ended up in a sandstorm for a few hours while coming back home through the desert and it ended up sandblasting my front camera. Does anyone know if this camera can be purchased from somewhere other than Toyota, like Alibaba or something? Its a pretty crappy camera, probably VGA quality based on the quality of the video so I'd assume it's something I should be able to pick up for cheap online.

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Re: Replacing front 360 degree camera

Postby Rob_Wood on Thu, 11 Aug 2022 10:39 +0000

How "Tech Savvy" are you? Pull one out of an old phone and fit it in. Another idea might be to make up a bracket to hold a Polycarbonate sheet protector. Cheap and easy to slide out and then slide in a replacement sheet each time you get a sand storm. Should be quite easy to make. Might save a few coins in sand storms, I'd imagine you'll get a few sand storms over there?
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