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ABS dashlight on sometimes no codes readable

PostPosted: Sun, 04 Apr 2021 12:11 +0000
by Stormie
2009 Diesel

So, auto elec fitted led taillights with reistors on blinkers and brake circuits. Then fitted aftermarket angel eye headlights with DRLs.

ABS dashlight will not clear
Codes are C1271,C1272 C1273 C1274 C1274 C1276 C277 C1278 C1282 C1283

All four speed sensors are outputting live speed data. There is no center diff lock.

Anyone seen this. Auto elec wants to check loom wire by wire. Is it the ABS controller computer that might have browned out.

Do I need to take to a Toyota Dealer?

Re: ABS dashlight on sometimes no codes readable

PostPosted: Mon, 05 Apr 2021 1:13 +0000
by Rob_Wood
If the Auto elec wants to check the loom wire by wire. Then maybe ask his hourly rate ... Sounds expensive.
Mine (2004) has the ABS light on. When I bought the vehicle it only came on in wet weather. I found the earth in that part of the loom had been lost somehow, so I put in a new earth connection. Now the ABS light is ALWAYS on. Annoying I know, but the brakes work, so what the?
The timing Belt light is always on as well, this one is because when the belt was change it was gonna be an extra couple of hours labour to get behind the dash and flip a micro-switch, I said "F" That, just leave it until next time. I've done 320 something thou' so I only have another 130 odd thou' before the light will go out by itself. No problem. ;) 8-) :lol: